Flexible support system

As an important component of photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic brackets carry the power generation main body of photovoltaic power plants. The flexible support system solution emphasizes technological innovation, and has been jointly designed and developed with the National Prestressing Center of Southeast University. After two years of extreme environmental experiments, it has ensured the scientific, safety, and reliability of the system design. The sex frame system is a new type of pre acoustic force adaptive flexible support system, composed of cable mesh, support boring system, anchoring system, etc. High strength and low relaxation prestressed zinc stranded wire is used as the assembly and maintenance load-bearing cable, and specially designed connectors are used for the connection and installation between components and between components and steel strands. Simplify the module support system by fixing the photovoltaic module on the steel strand between the tensioned two columns, utilizing the axial tension of the tensioned steel strand to resist the module's self weight, snow load, and wind load. The sex support system can achieve free installation in all directions, including up, down, left, and right, through four installation methods: pulling, hanging, and supporting. It effectively improves the support method of photovoltaic power generation systems with large spans, and successfully solves the problems of weak wind resistance of traditional supports and component cracking caused by deflection and vibration. The high clearance and large span arrangement can effectively increase the space under the slab, providing the possibility for the comprehensive utilization of the space under the slab. Compared with traditional steel frame structures, the flexible support system has a more reasonable spatial structure, uses less steel, is lightweight, and has a high cost-effectiveness; Low requirements for site foundation and limited land occupation; Strong pre installation capability, which can significantly shorten the construction period of the unit.