Two connection methods for the photovoltaic support of the car shed during construction

1. Electric welding sleeve socket welding method

Grind off the surface layer of the joint end of the photovoltaic bracket or other parts in the car shed with sandpaper. If there is still grease on the surface, wipe it clean with vinyl chloride or acetone; Insert both ends into the welding sleeve, and both ends must reach the middle point of the welding sleeve. When inserting, there should be no water at both ends. Then insert the secondary wire of the welding controller and start welding. During the process, it is not allowed to move or touch, cut off the power supply midway, or loosen the connection point of the secondary wire. After the welding is completed for one hour, the joint point can be fully cooled before being pressurized inside the greenhouse photovoltaic bracket and the overlay welding of the greenhouse photovoltaic bracket can be pulled from the outside to ensure that the joint point does not deform.

The photovoltaic bracket in the car shed must first be cut using a plate cutter, making sure that the socket is very flat. The part where the socket end is inserted into the welding sleeve must not have scratches or deformation of more than 1mm. The used welding sleeve should not be reused. If the welding sleeve is damaged or deformed, it should be discarded and not used. If the connection fails, a new welding sleeve should be replaced and re welded. If the welding sleeve fails due to power cut during the process, the secondary wire should be inserted and re welded after it has completely cooled down. If stress needs to be applied immediately to the photovoltaic bracket in the car shed after welding is completed, cold water can be poured to cool it.

2. End edge welding method

In special cases where electric welding sleeves cannot be used for bonding, the end edge welding method may be used. Before welding, a plate cutter must be used to cut the socket very flat. Then weld with an end edge welding machine, and the welding method and heating time must be completely in accordance with the instructions and heating schedule of each type of welding machine. After the welding is completed, as soon as the joint part cools down, the interior of the photovoltaic support of the joint must be flattened, otherwise debris will accumulate at the joint in the future and cause blockage.