The difference between impact resistant brackets and traditional brackets

1. Bracket

A system used to support photovoltaic cell components. Columns, supports, beams, shafts, guides, and accessories made of metal materials may also be equipped with transmission and control components to track the sun's orbit.

2. Fixed bracket

A bracket with non adjustable tilt and azimuth angles.

3. Single axis tracking bracket

A bracket that rotates around an axis to track the sun

4. Dual-axis and Mao Fei are facing the danger of pointing towards the enemy, Lu Lei, and Tan Yu? Carrying bracket

A bracket that rotates around two axes to track the sun.

5. Column

Components connected to the foundation for supporting beams, shafts, and guide rails.

6. Support

Components used to enhance the stability of columns, beams, and guide rails.

7. Beam

A component used to support a guide rail.

8. Axis

A component used to support the guide rail and adjust the angle of the guide rail (suitable for tracking brackets).

9. Guide rail

Components used to support photovoltaic power generation modules.

10. Connecting rod

Used for mechanical transmission components between brackets and between brackets and power systems (suitable for tracking brackets).

11. Attachment

The components used for connecting straight segments and between straight segments and bends to form a continuous support system, which are necessary for connecting, fixing, or supplementing straight segments and connecting functions, are divided into: straight generating plate, this rotating connecting plate, rotating connecting plate, variable angle connecting plate, partition pressing plate, and tight tracking